Cleaning Lab


About Us

Our passion for cleaning goes back quite a few years, to 1925 to be exact. In Umbria, the region known as the green heart of Italy, a small handmade soap business was founded that year with one big dream: to make the home a happier, healthier and better-smelling place after the bleak years of the war. The love for soap bubbles and all things brilliantly clean is still very much alive today, passed down from generation to generation ever since.
Now bigger and with new goals in place, each day we draw on our experience of nearly a century to make clean living a pleasantly unique experience.

Our Values


Drawing on our more than 90 years of experience, our Cleaning Lab develops excellent formulations without compromising on effectiveness. We select the best raw materials currently available, even making use of innovative biotechnology; run products through rigorous performance tests, and work under ISO 9001-certified quality management systems. We promote safe and responsible choices in raw materials and always take great care, not only in caring for your clothes and things, but also, if not more importantly, your skin.



Our Lines


The CLAB Laundry Line was designed, down to the smallest detail, to deliver excellent performance while keeping in mind the importance of gentleness and a reduced impact on human health and the environment.Our Cleaning Lab uses carefully assessed and selected enzymes to develop formulations that give excellent results at the minimum dosage levels recommended by the latest industry guidelines.

Our Scents

Certain scents tell stories and hold memories of precise moments. Formulated in collaboration with expert perfumers, CLAB scents evoke a unique olfactory experience and carry you away to a pleasantly warm atmosphere. Our aim is to pamper you as you go about your daily household chores.


Our Design

We design our bottles to be unique and innovative and aim for sober, elegant designs that can blend harmoniously with your home space. We also want the experience of caring for the things and people you love to be pleasing to the eye. This is why we are always looking to develop new shapes and designs to fill your home with colour and brighten up your days. 

The Ingredients

CLAB products are the result of very careful selection of ingredients by our Cleaning Lab so as to create fully safe and effective detergents. Our formulations do not contain superfluous ingredients that promise to work magic, but only those that really work and in the amounts that are strictly necessary.